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Oyster Bay Pump Works (OBPW) M3

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This Microplate processor provides automated integration of up to 3 process functions in series.

Different functions can be selected according to requirements.


Three typical system configurations:
● M3-D1 : with “Day 1” functions including precision filling, bubble detection, and ultrasonic fill verification
● M3-D2 : with “Day 2” functions (3 manifold stations) including filling (washing orblocking) and aspiration
● M3-D1+D2 : with both “Day 1” and “Day 2” functions (2 manifold stations plus 1
precision fill station)


The robust system design provides the precision and reliability needed to

efficiently produce a quality product. System speeds can range between 400 and 1200 plates per hour depending on configuration. Stacks for feeding and restacking have capacity for 30 plates. (Many more functions are available on our larger systems.)

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