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Oyster Bay Pump Works (OBPW) M14

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The M14-D1+2 is a microplate processing automation system designed to integrate up to 14 processing functions on a single conveyor

(in the sequence required by your processes).

In addition to the basic liquid handling functions,

 we offer the product marking and in-process inspection tools required to produce a finished product.

System speeds can range between 400 and 1200 plates per hour depending on configuration.




Typically offered functions are listed below and other can be requested
● Stack load
● Static elimination
● Strip push down
● Plate orientation check
● Printing (frames/tabs)
● Vision inspect printing
● Color coding
● Particulate removal
● Aspiration
● Washing
● Blocking
● Drying
● Precision filling
● Bubble detection
● Fill verification
● Vision inspect fills
● Bar code reading
● Data acquisition
● Lid application

 Off ramp or transfer


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